My perception of my surroundings, and consequently my work, is informed by an acceptance of movement, instability and the ephemeral, struggling against a hierarchy imposed by the will of stability and control that can be felt within the History of mankind.
I am interested in proposing alternatives, which unbalance those stable structures, paradigms, and conventions.
Language and landscape are two of the fields on which I lay those reflections.
The materials with which I work are for that reason ephemeral and fragile.
My choice of working with diverse materials and media, such as drawing, video, sculptures made of wood and organic materials comes from a wish of resistance to the hierarchy of materials and thematic often found in the history of Western art.
Within landscape the sea, water and air play a large role, because of those elements’ capacity of transformation, of being formless, infinite and uncertain.
In my most recent works, language and landscape go together in this approach to the ephemeral and
unstable. My interest in language lies in its highly organized structure and in the aim to deconstruct it. At the moment I explore in which manner landscape and language may be used as tools for deconstructing established hierarchies and paradigms, seeing both as a reflection of the historical, political and social situation of a place, but also as a reservoir of emotions.

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