230.000 CM / 2013

230.000 cm . 2013
Concept: Marta Leite, Anais Senli and Barbara Marcel
Book design: Marco Ugolini
Laser print, black and white, Offset paper 100 grams, Cardboard Cover, 124 x 160 mm,
106 pages, 50 copies

230,000 cm is the perimeter of the Donaukiez neighborhood in the district of Neukölln, Berlin. This is a guidebook which presentes a collection of photos and stories that take place between spring and autumn 2013 within these 230,000 cm. The guidelines of this project were the combination of memory, subjectivity and experience. We started by collecting several photos of the Donaukiez,made by different artists. With these photos we wanted to develop a kind of guidebook that would make it possible to discover the neighborhood from a new perspective. In that sense the boundaries between public, private and artistic space should be dissolved. The photos are accompanied by texts, in some cases written by the photographers themselves. The result is a varied vision of the Donaukiez, created by different people with different backgrounds, interests and life experiences. With this work, we invite the reader to see the neighborhood through other eyes and perspectives.

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