GUERRA E NUVENS (War and Clouds)
Variable dimensions.

5 cyanotypes, laser prints, photocopies of manuscripts, felt pen on paper, postcards, photographs, notes on post-its. Part of the material included in this installation was collected in the German Literature Archive in Marbach. (In total 29 photocopies of documents including manuscripts, photographs and postcards from W. G. Sebald).

"War and Clouds" consists of a mural in which is approached the presence of meteorological phenomena in works, as well as essay and literary texts of several authors. Through previously selected examples, it is intended to establish the connection between a natural phenomenon, such as weather, and a political event, such as war, in order to meet possible answers to the following question:
- Why to use meteorological phenomena in order to problematize war?
The starting point of this mural is the book "The Rings of Saturn" by W.G. Sebald and how this author addresses the dialogue between photography and text and the relation that both means can have in the reconstruction of the individual and collective memory.
Thus, in this mural this issue is equally explored transforming quotations from Sebald's book into images, through digital manipulation or by printing it using the old photographic process of cyanotype. These images are put into dialogue with other works, texts and documents, such as: "Kriegs-Wolken Tagebuch" by Arnold Schönberg or "Ten Skies" by James Benning and their relation with an anti-war position in the arts.
Consequently the celestial landscape is here approached as a mirror of the political situation of the time to which it corresponds too.

Exhibition view: BF18, Celeiro da Patriarcal,Vila Franca de Xira.

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