ÇØÜ magazine / 2015-2017

ÇØÜ magazine, 2015-2017
Concept: Marta Leite and Dídio Pestana
Design: Inês Gomes Ferreira

Inspired by the magazineAspen, published from 1965 to 1971 by Phyllis Johnson, ÇØÜ magazineis also published in a box: a multi-media magazine in which each issue has a different subject, collaborators, editor and designer.
44 years later, why do we do it?
After experiencing a life of intense exchange of ideas and collaborative projects in Berlin, we started asking ourselves what would become of all those exchange experiences, as most of them were so ephemeral.
To contradict the volatile character of Berlin, we decided to create time capsule boxes which function as portable events platforms, or simply an unbound magazine that you can unfold, see, read, watch and listen to.
The subject matter of the first issue of ÇØÜ magazine is Room – Quarto – Zimmer and it is addressed through different genres such as: poetry, short stories, video, sound, drawing, collage, pop-up, photography, slides, lino print and origami.

Collaborators:Elisa Balmaceda, Joana Bértholo, Graw Böckler, João Dias, Mário Gomes, Gaelle Kreens, Odysseas Klissouras, Catarina Laranjeiro, Aurora Muñoz, Kári Páll Óskarsson, Sara Pera, Jaime Raposo, Nina Bendzko & Diana Restrepo, Anais Senli, Stine Sterne, Eirik Sordal, Marco Ugolini and Francisca Villela.

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