In the Exhibition “Anotações sobre as nuvens”, Marta Leite questions landscape through events that take place above the abstract horizon.
In so doing, a parallel is created between the phenomena of evaporation and forgetfulness.
The body of work to be presented will try, through form and materials, to address the fleeting character of those phenomena as well as experiences, memories and feelings which have become dormant.

 Exhibition view at CAAA, Guimarães.

Exhibition view at CAAA, Guimarães.

Camarupa a . 2015
ceramics and wood
185 x 185 x 120cm

CAMARUPA (a) is an installation of sculptures in ceramic, which look like pieces of paper. The ceramic used was solidified through a process of drying and not through a process of baking.

The sculptures were installed on the floor or on the top of different wooden bars. The whole installation occupies a square of 185 x 185 cm and it oscillates between the 2 and 120 cm high.

Camarupa b . 2015
gouache on paper and wood
270x 210 x 145cm

CAMARUPA (b) is an installation composed by 8 drawings made of gouache on a 10grams Japanese paper, hanging from wooden structures. The method of composition of those drawings consisted of using the resulting stains from the drying process of the ceramic sculptures of CAMARUPA (a) on my working table.
Each pair of drawings was installed on wooden structures ranging from100cm to 145cm high.

The whole installation occupies an area of 270 x 210cm.

Lençol . 2014
ceramics and cotton thread
136 x 26cm

Sculpture made of ceramic and cotton thread that was used as a costume in the videos MEMORY SUSPENDED and WALKING.

DIARY . 2014
Gouache on paper
24 x 32cm each

miniDV, color, Loop
Direction, editing and performance: Marta Leite
Photography: Kári Páll Oskarsson

Filmed on purpose with a low quality miniDv camera, out of focus, MEMORY SUSPENDED is a latent image that speaks about the process through which photography becomes visible, but also about discolouring, wear through time, forgetfulness.

WALKING . 2015
miniDV, color, diptych, Loop
Direction, editing and performance: Marta Leite
Photography: Kári Páll Oskarsson

Like MEMORY SUSPENDED, this video was filmed with a low quality miniDv camera and out of focus. WALKING consists of a diptych of two different scenes, which almost look like a shot reverse shot.  Those two scenes allude to ambiguity of memory.

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