Mini DV, color, sound, 4’50’’
Direction and performance: Marta Leite
Editing: Marta Leite and Mário Gomes
Photography: Catarina Laranjeiro
Sound: Dídio Pestana

The main character of this video is a lady dressed in black using a mask made of small pieces of wood, similar to a nest. “Frau Nestkopf” is someone that feels trapped and searches the contact with pigeons and seagulls. These animals easy adapt to any climacteric condition, represent to this woman a symbol of resistance and adaptability, states that she is unable to reach. In her loneliness, she is secure but not
free. Her confrontation with these birds show us the dichotomy between choking/freedom, detention/shelter.

Video Installation at Anton von Werner Haus, exhibition "Baumann und Fuchs"