Exhibition at donauXganghofer

Land Escape Installation View Marta Leite und Anaïs Senli

Land Escape Installation View Marta Leite and Anaïs Senli

Land Escape Installation View Marta Leite and Anaïs Senli

Study for a Myriorama . stones, paper, twine and slide projection . 2013

Study for a Myriorama . detail

Conversations of a pillar with a passerby . slide projection on column . loop . 2013

Conversations of a pillar with a passerby

Conversations of a pillar with a passerby

I am trying to be a sky.

I am still trying to be a sky.

I should be tumbled to the left,

Unwound as a paper roll.

I should let myself be painted,

Or let me be drawn,

Let me be drawn as a grey scale.

I should be hanging on the ceiling.

Instead of supporting it.

Should lead by example, and show how unnecessary are the main walls, pillars.

To keep things straight.


I could break this window and roll around, letting the road produce marks on me, a drawing that creates a confused perception of what is up and what is down.

May I ask you a question?

Yes, you. It is with you that I am talking.

What is the difference between up and down?

Yes, that is what I am asking. I want to know what you understand as up and what you understand as down.

The middle I know, in the middle is where the filling is. But what about up and down? I would say they are pretty similar, both of them are nothing else but sides and their differences lies simply in conventions.

Why do you think that I am a pillar?

Why do I have to be so fat and bulky, if from inside I am nothing but metal?

Do you really think I am supporting everything that is “up”?

Or to put it better, everything that dwells in one of the sides?

Do you know what I bear?

Your eyes!

Your poor need of a stable reality.

Your incapacity of accepting change, of seeing the movement.

The dismemberment of space in defining guidelines, indicating directions is nothing but pure abstraction.

An abstraction that covers the fear of accepting movement, of facing a void.

I am nothing but a metal rod that could be anything else.

I am fat and white so that you can see me and feel comfortable.

Believing in a lie of a watertight stability, which is neither within yourself,

nor anywhere else,

nor outside.

The sky does not exist, it is nothing but air, it exists everywhere, between you and the other. Inside of you there is also a sky. The roof of the mouth for example.

And all of that just because they like to look up.

The sky is the air between us and the others. Although we do not know who are the others.

Maybe we could say that everything is ether air or not-air. I was not air, until today that I decided to tip, to roll, to unfold, to unroll, to rise, to hang and be a sky.

For you, passerby.

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