At the exhibition "Here is elsewhere", the installation PIAZZA was presented as a work in progress, a result of the research to be seen in the publication PIAZZA D'ARMI.

Piazza d’Armi is the result of a week of journeys through the San Siro neighbourhood in Milan. In this publication, the places visited are described through photography of found objects. An old military base, Piazza d’Armi, from which this project draws its title, a complex of social buildings named Cenni di Cambiamento and the research project Mapping San Siro are the areas of attention of this trip. What links the three of them? A relationship of man to nature, which poses questions of different possible ways of living together, with the goal of reaching an environment where diversity and constant change can be found, towards a horizontal society of fading borders.

Project developed during the artist residency "Here is elsewhere", 

curated by Marco Trulli, in the context of Meditarranea 17, Young Artists Biennale.

This work was made possible thanks to the kind support of:

Marco Trulli (La Ville Ouverte)

I would also like to thank :

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