Mini DV, color, sound, 2’03‘‘
Direction, sound and editing: Marta Leite and Arturo Martinez Steele
Performance: Marta Leite
Photography: Arturo Martinez Steele
Production: João Dias

The video shows the psychological mind state of a self blocked character. This character is based on fragile structures which transform every movement in a big disbalance, not allowing him to act. A house, a chair, a figure and a mask give shape to this character. 

His inner ground is unstable, the outer is liquid, without support. The only balanced point is a chair which plays a fake stability role and passive comfort. 

The house works as a floating cage with no destination through the lake. 
Through this trip the character is surrounded by an hostile landscape. 
The shore is far away and unreachable. The mask and the house work as mind barriers, which make impossible a clear vision of the surroundings.

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